Save the Darwinians from extinction


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Probably, the graphics of Darwinia will surprise you at first sight, because it's extrange to see a game where the main characters are pixeled stick men. They are not a few, but they are a lot of them and you can control all of them by creating squads.

Darwinia is one of those independent games that become famous due to its wonderful playability and simple graphics. It's a 3D world called Darwinia, its population, the Darwinians, has been infected by a virus and your task is to destroy the Viral Infection and save the Darwinians from extinction.

You can create squads to attack the virus, then collect souls and create engineers who will control a group of Darwinians. you'll have the control of hundreds of Darwinians who are willing to help you and destroy the virus to save their virtual planet.

At first, you'll be surprised, then you'll be delighted and there will be no solution, you'll be hooked by these stick men.

The demo includes a complete level.

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